When and Why To See Your Local Darlinghurst Physio

There are a range of reasons to pay a visit to your local Darlinghurst physiotherapy clinic. Athletes may require advice regarding a training regimen and best practice in looking after themselves, and anyone experience muscular pain should certainly be inclined to invest in remedial massage or other treatment. Physiotherapists offer a vast number of services depending on what you need, but in general, a physiotherapist will offer assistance in rehabilitation, education and support, performance training and stress relief. Different certifications exist and physios tend to specialise in particular treatments, so it’s important to make sure the physio seeing you is well qualified and experienced with your particular problem.

Injury Prevention Assistance

If you’ve injured yourself previously and are worried that exercising could put a strain on your damaged body, it’s worth consulting with a physiotherapist to understand what things you can change in your posture, form and movement patterns to ensure you’re minimising the chances of injuring yourself again. If this is you, speak to your local physio Darlinghurst before enrolling in that next boot camp or starting the football season.

Pain Reduction Strategies

If you’re suffering long-term pain and you don’t have a specific injury causing the pain, it can be really debilitating. While it sometimes results from specific conditions like Fibromyalgia, Hypermobility and rheumatological disease, long-term pain can also be a posture problem or poor sleeping equipment. Physiotherapists will provide direct rehabilitation via hands-on treatments to wear down nerve endings that are too sensitive and educate you about how to handle constant fatigue, best practice in completing physical activity and everyday chores. They may even prescribe you an exercise program to help build strength where it’s needed.


It can sometimes be hard to return to your normal routine following surgery. Pain and stiffness can prevent you from exercising or remaining mobile for some time. A physiotherapist can help you to progress through a post-surgical rehab program to assist you in rebuilding muscle strength and fitness.

Disease Management

Doctors have a tendency to overprescribe medicine for conditions that require ongoing management. While this is sometimes necessary, an exercise program can also help you to manage your disease based on diagnosis and an assessment conducted by your physio. We’ve seen cases of exercise training regimens being so effective that patients are able to withdraw from their medicine. Always consult with your doctor about involving a qualified physio in your management plan.

Contact Therapy Services Physio

Contact Therapy Services Physio if you’re struggling with any of the problems mentioned above and you would like assistance in the treatment of your condition. We have a highly-qualified team of experts with different specialties that are available to consult you today and work with you to develop an injury prevention, pain reduction, rehabilitation or disease management strategy. Also, call us for all massage Darlinghurst! We offer specialised remedial massage and hands-on pain relief options and are available from Monday to Friday, 8-4.30pm. Our friendly reception staff will take your call – 02 8382 6935.