What we do

In our increasingly busy lives, stress and abnormal postural or movement  patterns can lead to muscle tension,  inefficient ways of moving, pain and even headaches. Massage may help you to reduce symptoms of pain, improve posture, help you relax and promote injury repair.

Our massage therapist with over 15 years’  experience in the health sector will assess you and target your therapy specifically to your needs, combining different massage styles as necessary to enhance healing. She works closely with the physiotherapists and lymphoedema therapist to augment any other treatments and speed recovery.

Conditions treated include before and after pregnancy, sporting aches and pains, lymphoedema, neck and shoulder muscle tesion and other posture related problems.

For all massage Darlinghurst, contact Therapy Services Physio today to make an appointment.


Therapy Services Physiotherapy have on site every Thursday our fully qualified massage therapist, experienced in a variety of massage techniques to aid anyone suffering from stress related aches and pains or some one who just enjoys a massage as part of a healthy living plan.

  • Remedial Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage