What we do

At Therapy Services we provide a wealth of experienced allied health practitioners to offer you the patient a highly professional service to help yield the best results.

This means you will have 100% one-to-one attention from a great practitioner for the whole of your treatment session and are not left on a machine while your therapist sees someone else. Furthermore we ensure you dont get short, rushed consultations because your therapist has overbooked.


Therapy Services Physiotherapy can cast most fractures employing both Gypsona (plaster), Fiberglass and waterproof Fiberglass Casts. We also offer cast repair and removal service.

In relation to splinting we provide custom made thermoplastic hand and finger splints.

We also have an extensive range of braces (for shoulders, knees, ankles) and walking boots (CAM walkers and Aircast boots, short and tall) that our physios will fit appropriately and provide the necessary education regards use of your brace/sling/boots and how it pertains to your injury.