Physiotherapy Part of Standard Prostate Cancer Treatment

Urinary incontinence affects more than twice as many women as men, mainly due to pregnancy and birth related issues. However, it is still incredibly common in men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and who have had prostate surgery and/or radiation therapy. Prostate cancer treatment for men who have suffered from cancer of the prostate includes management of urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction and bladder or bowel urgency. Prostate cancer affects one in seven Australian men.

Men are hesitant to seek help from a physio in many cases following diagnosis of prostate cancer, but physiotherapy rehabilitation is incredibly important to regaining control of pelvic floor muscles. Patients usually see good progress after a brief period following their consultation with a physio. Men should not be reluctant to seek assistance from a physio to help them rehabilitate following prostate cancer treatment. While it can be confronting to talk about such intimate issues with a stranger, professional physio treatment helps to optimise recovery.

With prostate cancer treatment, it is crucial for men to seek rehabilitative help particularly given the link between bladder and bowel control and good sexual function.

An initial consultation with a licensed physio will involve discussion of the condition and will be used to set recovery goals for the patient over a specified period of time. An ultrasound of the perenium may be done to see how well the pelvic floor muscles are working. A customised exercise regimen will then be prescribed and adjusted on an ongoing basis to ensure the exercises remain relevant and to ensure achievement of health goals. Exercises prescribed by a physio will be completed at home with the frequency and intensity dependant on the diagnosis of the patient.

Motivation and repetition are key factors to ensuring the success of a rehabilitation program undertaken as part of prostate cancer treatment. We recommend prostate cancer victims seek advice from a physiotherapist prior to their surgery and/or radiation treatment to ensure they are exercising their pelvic floor muscles correctly. In a similar vein, a post-op consultation should be booked to facilitate the best possible recovery for the patient. Getting back to regular home, work and family routines is so important for recovery and physio treatment will help men get there.

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you should book a consultation at Therapy Services Physio as soon as possible. Try and see your physio before your treatment commences to ensure you are as well-prepared as possible for the possibly invasive surgery and/or radiation treatment. We will schedule a follow-up visit after your surgery and will work with you to ensure good health outcomes and an effective recovery.

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