Physiotherapy for People who have Suffered a Workplace Injury

Workplace injuries are common throughout the world, even despite strict workplace health and safety regulations. In Australia alone, 107,355 serious claims were lodged in the 2014-15 financial year. Accidents are particularly common in the construction and warehousing industries, but people in all occupations can experience a fall, muscle/back strain, carpal tunnel, tendonitis and injury caused by heavy loads. If you experience a workplace injury you may wish to consider physio treatment, as this will help to relieve your symptoms and help you return to work safely and confidently.

How Does Physiotherapy for Workplace Injury Work?

Initially, you will need to come in for an assessment of your injury. A physiotherapist will carry out a full assessment of your condition, as well as ask you some questions about how it occurred and what effect it has had on you and your ability to function. Once your physiotherapist has a good understanding of the extent of your injury, a treatment plan will be formulated to help you deal with your condition and regain optimal function. Your recovery plan may include various exercises, medical aid and support, and will highlight short and long-term goals.

What can I expect?

Results vary from person to person, but in general you can expect physiotherapy to assist in:

  • Increasing range of motion
  • Increasing joint flexibility
  • Enhancing muscle strength
  • Improving limb function
  • Relieving stiffness and pain
  • Making positive changes to home/work ergonomics that will minimise the risk of recurrent injury
  • Provision of support/medical aid to help you return to your normal routine as safely and as quickly as possible.

Your physiotherapist will closely monitor your progress, and changes to the types of techniques and exercises may be made to support your recovery. Education is another important part of the process, particularly with regards to work and exercise. It may be advisable to make some lifestyle changes to avoid further aggravation of your injury and minimise the risk of recurrence.

What types of therapies are used?

Workplace physiotherapy uses a wide range of techniques, and your treatment will be formulated after ascertaining the location and extent of your injury. By sticking to the schedule provided by your physiotherapist, you should in time start to notice an improvement in strength and blood circulation along with relief from your symptoms.  Typical techniques used include:

  • Mobilisation and manipulation
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Exercise plans
  • Pain management
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Bracing
  • Dry needling


Remember – Don’t Rush Your Recovery

It is important not to rush your treatment. Your physio will work alongside you and ensure that your treatment and exercise plan is appropriate for your type of injury, stage of healing and personal abilities. It is always best to ease into your program so that you can gradually build strength and promote healing. Whilst workplace injuries can be challenging and disheartening, your physio will help to make the recovery process as straightforward as possible.

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