How Does Fall Prevention Physiotherapy Assist The Elderly?

According to recent research done by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, England, fall prevention physiotherapy (multifactorial falls risk assessment) reduces falls by 24% and should be offered to all older people who have fallen or are at risk of falls. The problem is rather significant, with over one third of over 65-year-olds suffering a fall at some point, and over 50% of 80-year-olds suffering a fall. Indeed, falls that result in injury are the leading cause of death in older people.

Following a fall, 50% of older people experience serious mobility issues and there is a 10% chance of dying in a year. The effects of falling down on older people are evidently serious.

Multifactorial Interventions

Multifactorial interventions may reduce the rate at which old people fall over, compared with older people who have not gone through an intervention. These interventions are particularly useful in retirement homes where there are lots of old people.

A multifactorial intervention involves home hazard modification which involves modification of the living environment to both prevent falls and provide aides when a fall does occur. An occupational therapist will assist with a home hazard modification.

A multifactorial intervention also involves strength and mobility training exercises. Physiotherapists will teach older people to get up from the floor safely when they have had a fall and how to minimise time on the floor. Strength training may help older people get up from the floor successfully. Strength and mobility training is necessary because of the risks associated with lying on the floor for older people. A long lie on the floor is characteristic of serious injury, increased mortality and increased pain during recovery.

Exercise Programs For The Elderly

Exercise programmes for the elderly may reduce fear of falling in the short term, without increasing the risk or frequency of falls. Cognitive behavioural therapy can be delivered by trained support workers and can reduce both fear of falling and depression.

Professional exercise programs for the elderly deliver strength, balance and functional exercises in both group and home-based settings. Exercise programs can be developed for anyone, regardless of the state of their health and any complex underlying health conditions. Exercise Programs include a range of exercises at intensities tailored to the individual’s requirements and are completed for two hours a week for a minimum of six months.

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