Five Benefits Of Virtual Physiotherapy (Teletherapy)

During this global coronavirus pandemic, teletherapy appointments have become rather commonplace as lockdown and social distancing measures make it hard for practitioners to see all of their patients face to face. Virtual therapy has become just as effective as regular therapy for patients suffering from chronic pain, a real blessing for patients who are unable to leave the house due to their condition or the pandemic.

During digital teletherapy sessions, therapists address patient symptoms remotely, through a video chat or phone call with the help of a smart phone, tablet or PC. Physios will ask questions related to the patient’s medical history and present condition. They will then advise on exercises needed to fix mobility issues and reduce the level of pain felt by the patient.

In this article, we outline five benefits of virtual physiotherapy experienced by patients suffering from a range of conditions.

Sustained Communication Between Therapists and Patients

Communication between therapists and patients is absolutely necessary during the healing process. When physios are unavailable it can make it hard for patients to get the help they need. Virtual physiotherapy sessions are effective at facilitating a detailed discussion of a patient’s problem and can facilitate the same level of care and attention that is available during a face to face session. This is especially beneficial when the commute, lack of time or COVID restrictions makes it impossible to physically visit the physio.

A More Comfortable and Familiar Environment

Virtual physical therapy promotes self-care of patients by encouraging them to manage their symptoms in the comfort of their home environment. By following a care plan at home, patients may feel more confident as they perform exercises and regain their mobility. Digital physio sessions from home may also benefit patients who experience stress due to the necessity of transit between their home and the clinic. Such patients might be more inclined to complete a greater number of sessions and therefore treat their condition more effectively.

Prompt Access To Care

Digital therapy increases the accessibility of health services, reducing barriers to entry into the healthcare system for patients with restrictive conditions or who live in remote areas. Again, patients do not need to spend excessive time travelling to and from a clinic. Instead, they can simply set up a remote meeting from the comfort of their home, no matter their location.

Improvements In Mental Health

Isolation during lockdown can result in poor mental health outcomes for people who are used to human interaction on a day to day basis. It is important to remain physically active to retain strong mental health and by visiting a physio, even virtually, patients can achieve this goal. Face to face communication has also been shown to reduce stress levels, so even if a physio session cannot be achieved in a face to face environment, a virtual session will still have positive effects on the mental health of a patient.

Improved Privacy

A virtual physiotherapist is the most appropriate alternative for the people who prefer a private setting when receiving treatment. Thanks to advancements in teletherapy, patients can obtain quality physio treatment from the confines of their home without the long wait in the waiting room. Online physiotherapy sessions are usually conducted through a secure, encrypted connection, thus ensuring high levels of cyber security.

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