When and Why To See Your Local Darlinghurst Physio

There are a range of reasons to pay a visit to your local Darlinghurst physiotherapy clinic. Athletes may require advice regarding a training regimen and best practice in looking after themselves, and anyone experience muscular…

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Best Practice In Alleviating Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain. Some, like sleeping at a suboptimum angle, result in short-term pain that fades over the course of a day. Other causes, like posture and other more-serious conditions can…

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Suffering from Stress Fracture? Visit Your Physio

Suffering from Stress Fracture? Visit Your Physio Stress fractures are something physiotherapists treat on a regular basis. Commonly experienced by runners, hikers and those who lead active lifestyles; it can be easy to brush off…

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Neck Pain and Headache – How they are Linked

Neck pain is uncomfortable and debilitating, but the good news is it can be treated to great effect with the help of your physiotherapist. Pain which is experienced around the lower part of the head,…

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