Best Practice In Alleviating Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain. Some, like sleeping at a suboptimum angle, result in short-term pain that fades over the course of a day. Other causes, like posture and other more-serious conditions can lead to ongoing back pain that lasts for days, even weeks and longer. Regardless of the underlying cause of your back pain, experiencing said is never a pleasant experience and begets immediate attention from either yourself or a practicing physiotherapist. Back pain can occur all over the back, including the trapezius, latissimus dorsi and lower back, and we suggest different strategies for managing your back pain in the following article.



Depending on where the pain is located, there are several stretches you can do to loosen your back muscles and reduce pain. For pain in the neck, stand up straight, look straight ahead, then rotate your neck 90 degrees to the left, then the right, then the right again, then back to straight. Slowly repeat this motion 10 times x 3 sets or until the pain has lessened. Pain in the latissimus dorsi can be alleviated with a similar motion. Stand up straight, with your hands on your hips, and rotate your hips in the same motion mentioned above for 10 rotations of 3 sets. Lower back pain can be helped to a degree by lying down flat on a hard floor and keeping the arms rested by the side. After 5 minutes, rotate your shoulders until your hands are above your head. Lie down like this for 5 minutes and the pain should have lessened.


Furniture Adjustment

It turns out that people in developing countries, who do back-breaking labor and don’t have easy access to medical treatment, have far fewer incidences of chronic back pain amongst them than people in the first-world who lie in ergonomically-designed furniture all night. This gives some evidence towards the argument that back pain is somewhat psychological and can be treated with cognitive behaviour therapy. We recommend adjusting the furniture around the home in this instance. If you spend too long on the couch, try sitting in a chair for periods of time instead. Ensure that the wooden slat in your bed are aligned properly and invest in a new mattress if the problem persists. These techniques should alleviate the problem in your mind which will help the problem in your back.


If your back pain has become so unmanageable that you require urgent treatment come in to Therapy Services Physio for a massage and consult. Massage can work wonders at alleviating back pain; by kneading the muscles we loosen them and leave you feeling refreshed and flexible, with any symptoms hopefully decreased in their acuteness. Give us a call today or make an appointment on our website and we’ll be more than happy to provide any additional information needed in the diagnosis and alleviation of your upper, middle or lower back pain problem.