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We Restore Optimal Human Health & Well-being Through A Comprehensive Approach That Is Evidence Based.

We are located within St Vincent’s Physiotherapy Clinic, a multi faceted clinic of excellence. Therapy Services Physiotherapy have been providing a comprehensive range of specialist outpatient services since 2006.

Specialist Physio Services

There are a range of reasons to pay a visit to your local Darlinghurst physiotherapy clinic. Athletes may require advice regarding a training regimen. Anyone with muscule pain may be inclined to see a remedial massage therapist. People with sleep problems may be inclined to visit our team member at the St Vincents Sleep Clinic.

The list is almost endless and we’re here to provide positive behaviour support no matter what your condition.

Our local Darlinghurst physio is available to see you as you’re ready. We provide a vast range of services including: musculo skeletal, breathing assessments, lymphoedema, sleep therapy, massage and OT services.

Injury prevention assistance, pain reduction strategies, rehabilitation and disease management. These are just some the reasons why it’s a good idea to book a session with your physio.

We offer a vast number of services because our patients need a vast number of treatments. In general, a physio will offer assistance in rehabilitation, education and support, performance training and stress relief.

Different certifications exist and physios tend to specialise in particular treatments. It’s important to make sure the physio seeing you is well qualified and experienced with your particular problem. At Therapy Services Physio, each of our practitioners is licensed and certified to work with a versatile range of conditions.

Contact Therapy Services Physio if you’re struggling with any of the problems mentioned above. We’ll take your call if you would like assistance in the treatment of your condition. We have a highly qualified team of experts with different specialities that are available to consult you today. They will work with you to develop an injury prevention, pain reduction, rehabilitation or disease management strategy.

We offer specialised remedial massage and hands-on pain relief options and are available from Monday to Friday, 8-4.30pm. Our friendly reception staff will take your call.



Our experienced physios evaluate and treat patients with a wide variety of diagnoses. These can include neck pain and other symptoms. The physios at Therapy Services are passionate about approaching patients with a evidence based view. They are able to incorporate manual therapy, dry-needling, strength and conditioning rehabilitation and clinically based pilates into treatment.

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Cardio respiratory

Therapy Services Physios offer and provide: breathing assessments, Individually tailored exercise programs for conditions including respiratory failure. Treatments involve a versatile mixture of exercise, assistance with airways clearance, advice, training and education. We also offer a select home visit service – ask us about this when you call

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Our specialist lymphoedema therapists will assist you with the management of your lymphoedema. An initial assessment will be undertaken. This will be followed by manual lymphatic drainage, laser and exercise programs. LDex measures are sometimes taken using a bio impedence machine, followed by skin care, lymph taping, compression bandaging and garment prescription.

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Sleep Therapy


Our Sleep therapists provide a comprehensive sleep and lifestyle services for sleep apnoea, excessive daytime sleepiness and other sleep disorders. We incorporate: Equipment trial, sleep studies and more. You will have 100% one to one attention from a great practitioner for the whole of your treatment session. You are never left on a machine while your therapist sees someone else because it’s improper.

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Therapy Services Physiotherapy have on site every Thursday our fully qualified massage therapist, experienced in a variety of services. She works closely with the physios and lymphoedema therapist to augment any other treatments and speed recovery. Conditions treated include before and after pregnancy, sporting aches and pains, lymphoedema, and more.

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Occupational Therapy


Our Occupational Therapists provide: Functional guidelines given to post operative patients of disorders including spinal and joint replacement. We ensure you don’t get short, rushed consultations because your therapist has overbooked. We provide home assessments when necessary. We can fill applications for specialist equipment used during the rehabilitation programs for conditions including movement disorders

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